Afghanistan School On Internet Governance AFSIG 2017 event is organised by National IT Professionals Association of Afghanistan NITPAA. The main aim of AFSIG is to help individuals from Afghanistan to better understand the national, regional and international Internet Governance issues, settings, and processes, while gaining access to comprehensive and structured knowledge on various aspects of

Brussels Conference on Afghanistan

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70 countries and 30 international organisations meet in Brussels on 4 and 5 October 2016 for the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan. On 5 October 2016, the European Union and the Government of Afghanistan will co-host the Brussels conference on Afghanistan. It will provide a platform for the government of Afghanistan to set out its vision

Since 2002 MMCC and its local partner AECC, Afghan Educational Children Circus, has performed and made workshops for more than 2.7 million children in 25 provinces all over Afghanistan. It has been set up by David Mason and Berit Muhlhausen. A combination of entertaining and essential educational messages such as health, landmine awareness, peace and back


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TEDx Kabul is an entirely youth-led and volunteer-based platform dedicated to reflect positive stories from Afghanistan. TEDxKabul celebrates the stories, ideas and innovations of Afghans effecting positive change in their communities. By bringing together Afghan change-makers, artists and innovators. They showcase the true, and often forgotten character of Kabul: a city that is innovative, entrepreneurial and

Afghanistan Ascends

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In a country facing an enormous up hill struggle in redevelopment efforts after being devastated by 4 decades of war. A small group of Afghan girls is out to prove that they can reach the top of that mountain.  The 28 girls who are members of Ascend, an organisation set up by an American former aide worker Marina LeGree, all

Messi’s Murtaza | Murtaza’s Messi

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Messi’s biggest little fan found in Afghanistan! Murtaza Ahmadi – AKA Mini Messi, who is from the Jaghori District in Ghazni, a province in eastern Afghanistan, was seen in photos and a video published last month Jan’16 wearing his plastic bag jersey and kicking a blue and yellow ball around. Messi’s number, 10, and his

Afghanistan Astronomy Association has cooperation with different schools and institutes. Yonus Bakhshi is the leading figure, astronomer and teacher of the Association. The association has set various classes for students over the years about different subjects such as Astrophysics, The Milky Way, Stars, Solar Systems, Sun Spots, Greenhouse effect, etc. Observation has also been a part

Amazing Astronomer | Ibrahim Amiri

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Astronomer Ibrahim Amiri, 30, teaches a new generation to see hope and promise in the study of the heavens. When Amiri was only six, he saw Hale-Bopp comet streak across the night sky over a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan, and he was hooked. He is self taught astronomer, and built his own 100mm refractor

Nancy Hatch Dupree, born in 1927, is the director of the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University in Afghanistan and author of five books that she compiled while studying the history of Afghanistan from 1962 until the late 1970s. She first arrived in Afghanistan in 1962 as a diplomat’s wife. Several years later, she met Louis

Suleman Fatimie and Shakib Noori, both management graduates from Pakistan’s Preston University, have given up promising careers and invested their life savings in a bakery in the Afghan capital – despite the World Bank’s most recent official assessment describing the country’s medium-term outlook as “unfavorable”. Growth is unlikely to exceed 2 per cent, a sluggish

Afghan Institute of Learning created in 1995  aims to improve the lives of Afghan people by focusing on education, training, healthcare and disaster relief.  It’s founder Dr Sakeena Yacoobi has come face to face with the Taliban but not let that deter her efforts in spreading education in the country she loves. Raised in Afghanistan and

Afghan Cycles – A Collaboration of Teams

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A feature documentary about a new generation of young Afghan women challenging gender and cultural barriers using the bicycle as a vehicle for freedom and social change.  – SARAH MENZIES – DIRECTOR – Sarah has been a freelance videographer and filmmaker since 2010 and founded the production company Let Media in 2012. SHANNON GALPIN – PRODUCER

Laila At The Bridge

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Laila Haidari is the founder of “Life is Beautiful” locally known as “Mother’s Camp” A member of the international organisation Narcotics Anonymous. It is locally known by hundreds of recovered drug addicts as “Camp-e Mathar” (or Mother Camp). Laila Haidari, nicknamed as “Mother.” Iranian-born Afghani Haidari had originally come to Kabul after divorcing her husband and

Shamsia Hassani – Artist Extrodinare

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” Freedom is not to remove burqa, its to have PEACE.” I am from Afghanistan , the country which is famous by War-Bomb – …lets change the topic of news about Afghanistan. let’s bring PEACE with art , lets make it famous by ART not by WAR . Shamsia Hassani born in 1988 (Iran) is

Kabul Art Project

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KABUL ART PROJECT – Contemporary Art from Afghanistan has been set up by founder Christina Hallmann to support and promote talented Afghan artists since January 2013. The project has become the most active platform to connect Afghan Contemporary Artists to foreign media, exhibitors and private art collectors, or simply lovers of art. The project has exhibited original