The new Afghanistan has a growing and vibrant array of media and news networks that are increasing the country’s global reach.



tv box 2

 TV Networks

National Television Afghanistan is a state run broadcaster, Tolo TV is operated by Moby Group and is the leading private network. TOLOnews is Moby Group’s news network, it also has a website in English. Lemar TV is the Pashto-language sister channel of ToloTV. Shamshad TV and 1TV are private channels, broadcasting in major cities. Ariana TV is a private broadcaster available in many provinces as well as Asia, Europe and North America.


newspaper 2Newspapers

There are a number of government and private publications available both in Dari and in English.

Afghanistan Time is an officially-funded, English-language newspaper. The Daily Afghanistan is a private newspaper. Arman-e Melli and Mandegar and the secular Hasht-e Sobh are private daily. Daily outlook is a private English-language newspaper. Hewad and Anis are  government-sponsored available daily.



  Radio networks

Arman FM is the nation’s first private radio station. Radio Afghanistan a state owned broadcaster. Arakozia FM is operated by  Moby Group. BBC world Service is available in both Pashto and Dari. Radio Azaadi and Voice of America (VOA) are also available in Pashto and Dari languages.