Amazing – is the Love of a Nation – Afghanistan


Our intention is to provide essential information for those traveling to this amazing country. Be it for business or pleasure, everything from accommodation options to traditional arts and crafts details are available here. Make your trip a memorable and successful one. The Afghan people have suffered decades of conflict followed by a decade of development as well. It is time now to invest in the future and make it a prosperous one for generations to come. Let’s show the world an Amazing Afghanistan.

Friends & Supporters of all Nations are welcome to join hands with a Free and Prosperous Afghanistan. We hope to band together all Afghans and friends from other Nationalities. Those who realise, Afghanistan and the Afghan’s – Rich in Culture, Heritage and Resources like all other Nations, are set for development and aimed to prosper in the Global Community. This beautiful country has immense potential and resources. It has once more arisen, and is on the path to becoming a thriving Nation.


Persian Poem – “Love of a Nation”
Baba Ahmed Shah – Father and founder of modern Afghanistan

By blood, we are immersed in love of you.
The youth lose their heads for your sake.
I come to you and my heart finds rest.
Away from you, grief clings to my heart like a snake.
I forget the throne of Delhi,
when I remember the mountain tops of my Afghan land.
If I must choose between the world and you,
I shall not hesitate to claim your deserts as my own.


This we dedicate to the Afghans & our friends living in Afghanistan and all around the world – May you all prosper and rejoice in the Love of your Nations.




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